Corporate Restructuring PT

Occupational profiles of graduates

The graduates of the “Corporate Restructuring” master degree program are specialists who are much in demand in the following fields:

• Corporate field

• Consulting field

• Financial field



The graduates hold management positions, think and act in a holistic way and are able to use management tools for crisis prevention in order to avoid existential threats to the company.

Graduates who work as interim managers have to take the necessary steps in the company very fast, ideally within the first two weeks after starting in the job. Generally, priority must be given to safeguarding solvency.

As turnaround managers, graduates are mostly responsible for restructuring the liabilities side of the balance sheet and implementing the operational measures that are required to ensure the company’s recovery. In general, these measures include realignments regarding the company’s products and product range and promotional activities.


Exler Markus W.
Prof. (FH) Dr. Markus W. Exler
Director of Studies
+43 5372 71819 102
Puchner Monika
Monika Puchner
+43 5372 71819 102

Internationales Symposium Restrukturierung

Am 12. Oktober 2018 findet das „7. Internationale Symposium Restrukturierung“ an der Fachhochschule Kufstein Tirol statt.

Im Mittelpunkt der Jahreskonferenz 2018 steht das Rahmenthema "Mit Startup-Strategien zum Erfolg". Details finden Sie hier.


Der berufsbegleitende Masterstudiengang „Unternehmensrestrukturierung & -sanierung“ ist nach einjähriger Begutachtung offiziell „TMA zertifiziert“ – das renommierte Qualitätssiegel des Verbandes der deutschen Restrukturierungsexperten (TMA).

Weitere Informationen siehe hier.

Restrukturierungs- und Turnaround-Management

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