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Characteristics of the BA programs

Characteristics of the BA programs

Use Your Talent - Expand your Skills

The FH Kufstein has developed a unique combination of interdisciplinary courses, which aim to prepare our students and graduates for their future careers. The objective behind our programs is to build on a student’s sense of responsibility and ethics, allowing them to realize their own potential, and to provide them with opportunities for further development.

  • Business administration core:
    Students of all BA programs at the FH Kufstein graduate with a solid foundation in business and management practices. This gives our students a clear edge in their field, particularly those from a technical program.
  • Social Skills:
    At the FH Kufstein, we find that strong social skills are a must for today’s graduates, from perfected presentation and communication techniques to moderation and project management skills. We place great emphasis on imparting the ability to reflect and analyze critically; our graduates are in the position to recognize connections and to make informed decisions.
  • Practice and projects: Both teaching and research at the FH Kufstein is very much practice-oriented. Numerous case studies, projects commissioned by businesses and internships make our programs lively, rich in experience and, most importantly, practically relevant, particularly in a business context. The many subject-specific events organized by the FH Kufstein provide the opportunity for networking within the field, opening doors for our students before they have even completed their program.
  • International:
    The international aspect of our full-time BA programs is of great importance to the FH Kufstein. Foreign languages are an integral part of our programs, with a significant proportion of our courses held in English. Full-time students spend at least one semester abroad, while our part-time students spend shorter periods abroad.
  • Individual:
    We place great value on the student as an individual at the FH Kufstein. Though class group sizes vary from subject to subject, we ensure that groups are kept small. In an average class group, the student-teacher ratio is 6:1, allowing for a personal and individual learning atmosphere. Optional modules in many of our programs provide students with the opportunity to tailor their BA to their own needs and interests. Students also choose the foreign language they wish to learn and the country in which they will spend their time abroad.
  • Additional qualifications:
    Many new positions in today’s business world require applicants to have additional subject-specific or language certification. The FH Kufstein offers students the opportunity to take such courses outside of their program for a small additional fee. 

News of the FH Kufstein

Lehrgang Internationaler Restrukturierungs- & Sanierungs-Professional erhält renommiertes TMA-Siegel

Nach etwa einjähriger Begutachtungszeit bekam Prof. (FH) Dr. Markus W. Exler anlässlich der 12. Jahrestagung der TMA Deutschland das begehrte Siegel „TMA Deutschland geprüft“ für seinen Lehrgang verliehen.

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Connected learning – Wenn Theorie auf Praxis trifft!

Das WING Lab, die Lernfabrik der FH Kufstein Tirol, wird für die Industrie 4.0 aufgerüstet. In Kooperation mit der TFBS Kufstein-Rotholz hat die Fachhochschule ein Umbauprojekt im Rahmen des Projekts Smart Factories – Connected Learning initiiert.

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Schokolade macht glücklich – und erfolgreich

Aus der Zotter Erlebniswelt spricht Josef Zotter live per Liveübertragung mit 150 Studierenden der FH Kufstein Tirol. Neben Süßem gab es auch Unterhaltsames und was für’s Leben.

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