Prof. (FH) Dipl. Inf. Karsten Böhm


Prof. (FH) Dipl. Inf. Karsten Böhm Studiengangsleiter Web Business & Technology, Web Communication & Information Systems

Your Web Business & Technology students developed, as part of a case study supervised by Prof. (FH) Mario Döller PhD, an app for the Kufstein Fortress. What do you as the Director of Studies think about this project?

This is an ideal project for both the degree program and the topic of Web. The project combines two components which do not usually occur together as the Kufstein Fortress would not usually be associated with modern technology; it is a landmark after all. However, this mobile web-affine technology changes visitor’s experience of sights such as the Fortress, thus potentially attracting new groups of visitors. Options for using the new technology would be to offer child-friendly tours or to advertise, in cooperation with the city of Kufstein, events through the app. There is no beginning or end to this project; there are unlimited possibilities for further development. This project can also be linked to augmented reality technology which could, in the future, be used in the app to present information to visitors in a new way. 

However, within the thick walls of the Fortress the technology faces major challenges when it comes to signal transmission such as W-Lan, which the app heavily depends on. I think students could identify with the project very well and unleash their creativity, which kept the project group´s motivation particularly high. We will continue our cooperation with the Kufstein Fortress over the summer semester and I am very curious about how it will continue.

What future projects can Web Business & Technology students expect?

As mentioned before, we will continue the app project in cooperation with the Kufstein Fortress. Additionally, we will have practical projects within the timber industry. Timber and Web, what creative ideas will we develop? – you might wonder. Just wait for our next project.

How will the importance of mobile applications develop over the coming years? Will this trend be replaced?

The World Wide Web and mobile technologies will completely merge with each other. Web-based technology will functionally expand to run as applications on mobile devices. Web-based services are increasingly used on people´s phones which is why users want to see these services developed further. Also, businesses nowadays increasingly follow a mobile-first strategy meaning that platforms are first developed for mobile devices and only in a second step do the businesses develop the platform for use on more traditional devices. The increased use of mobile devices results in new possibilities for both providers and users as well as an increase in the system’s complexity. The ways in which users can access information are becoming increasingly diverse, which leads to beautiful new job options in fields such as web security for our students and graduates. For a while now, the trend has been to move away from permanently installed apps and towards cloud-based apps. The development which will take place over the coming years will certainly be very exciting. While there will not be much of a change for end users of apps, this development makes a massive difference when it comes to the technical development of apps.