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Risk management: Fundamentals

level of course unit


Learning outcomes of course unit

The students
• Are familiar with the legal foundations and framework conditions for risk management.
• Can assign tasks to the individual phases of a risk management cycle.
• Can identify and typologize different types of risks.
• Can quantify and assess risks.
• Can create and interpret a risk matrix.
• Can derive risk management measures.
• Understand the fundamentals of risk controlling.

prerequisites and co-requisites

• Introduction to BWL
• Introduction to Accounting
• Business Mathematics
• Investment & Financing
• Cost Accounting & Calculation
• Annual Accounts & Analysis
• Statistical Methods & Data Analysis

course contents

Risk management: Fundamentals /ILV / Course no.: UST 2 / 4th semester / ECTS: 2
Part A: Fundamentals
• Concept of risk
• Risk management
• Risk strategies

Part B: Types of risks
• Risk classification
• Description of individual risk types in detail

Part C: Risk management process
• Fundamentals
• Risk identification (risk inventory)
• Risk assessment (risk map)
• Risk evaluation
• Risk reaction
• Risk reporting

Part D: Quantification of risks (risk assessment)
• Statistical fundamentals
• Portfolio theory & capital asset pricing model (CAPM)
• Value-at-Risk
• Sensitivity analysis
• Monte Carlo simulation

Part E: Approaches and instruments for risk management
• Risks in foreign trade
• Risks in debtor management & credit risk
• Risks in interest rate management
• Risks in currency management
• Risks in operating business

recommended or required reading

Diederichs, M. (2017). Risikomanagement und Risikocontrolling. München: Vahlen Verlag.
Finke, R. (2017). Grundlagen des Risikomanagements: Quantitative Riskomanagement-Methoden für Einsteiger und Praktiker. Weinheim: Wiley.
Gleißner, W. (2016). Grundlagen des Risikomanagements: Mit fundierten Informationen zu besseren Entscheidungen. München: Vahlen Verlag.
Hunziker, S., & Meissner, J. O. (2018). Ganzheitliches Chancen- und Risikomanagement: Interdisziplinäre und praxisnahe Konzepte. Wiesbaden: Springer Verlag.
Romeike, F. (2018). Risikomanagement. Wiesbaden: Springer Verlag.
Ruthner, R., & Exner, K. (2019). Corporate Risk Management: Unternehmensweites Risikomanagement als Führungsaufgabe. Wien: Linde Verlag.
Wüst, K. (2014) Risikomanagement: Eine Einführung mit Anwendungen im Excel. Konstanz: UVK Verlag.

assessment methods and criteria

• Final exam and
• Quiz

language of instruction


number of ECTS credits allocated


eLearning quota in percent


course-hours-per-week (chw)


planned learning activities and teaching methods

50 % of the event is covered by eLearning. A combination between online phases (inductive method for the independent acquisition of knowledge and the practice of tasks) and presence phases (deductive method, in which assistance is given in the learning process and knowledge is imparted via frontal lectures) is used.

semester/trimester when the course unit is delivered


name of lecturer(s)

Prof. (FH) Dr. Dr. Mario Situm

course unit code


type of course unit

integrated lecture

mode of delivery


work placement(s)



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