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Energy industry is changing rapidly. IT and energy management are continuously merging. Hybrid networks and energy data management are the future.

The program European Energy Management at the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences arranged the installation of a Smartflower Pop® in order to incorporate energy data management into both research and practical training.

Benefits for Students

  • Learning about PV technology (mono-polycrystalline cells, etc.)
  • Learning how to work scientifically and manage energy data
  • Working with real and realistic energy data

Benefits for FH Kufstein Tirol

  • Renewable electricity production: ~ 3000-3500 kWh p.a.
  • Visualization of (beautiful) renewable energy right within the city
  • An eye catcher in front of the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences for students, residents and tourists

The Smartflower Pop® was erected following the initiative of Prof. Georg Konrad PhD who is the Program Director of the European Energy Management program. The main sponsors were the Stadtwerke Kufstein GmbH and the Stadtwerke Wörgl GmbH. The remaining funds were acquired through the university's direct use of renewable electricity. 

Starting in April 2016, the Energy Data Management website will be a work in progress:

Bilder der Errichtung der FH-SMARTFLOWER POP® im April 2016

Bilder der Fertigstellung