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The University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol places great emphasis on internationality in teaching and learning. As languages are an important component of internationality, foreign language training plays an important role. The Language Center Languages was created at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein for this particular reason. It promotes multilingualism and handles requests for language training and certification. Consultations can be arranged at any time.

Good language skills are not only necessary when studying abroad but also prepare students for their future jobs. After all, multilingualism is of great importance within the international and EU economy. Demand is on the rise for graduates who are ready for the international labor market.


The foundation for excellent language training are excellent instructors. All instructors at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein are highly qualified and regularly participated in professional development.
The University of Applied Sciences Kufstein places great importance on communicative and application oriented language courses.


AKS (Workgroup of Language Centers), CercleS (European Confederation of Language Centers in Higher Education)


The University of Applied Sciences Kufstein offers professional training in the following languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, French, Russian, and Spanish. Additionally, co-curricular courses are offered on demand by the Qualification Center at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein so that students can also pursue additional language acquisition courses in a different languages. Course offering is based on demand.

The language courses offered through the Language Center as part of bachelor degree programs follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and divides language training into basic users (level A1 / A2), independent users (level B1 / B2) and proficient users (level C1 / C2).


The research focus of the Language Center includes English as an international language (intercultural pragmatism), culture and literary studies, computer-based analysis of language, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, media usage in language teaching, blended learning and general didactic research.


Question: Do all degree programs offer language courses?
Answer: Language courses are part of the curriculum in the following bachelor degree programs: Energy Business FT, Facility & Real Estate Management FT & PT, International Business Studies FT & PT, Marketing & Communication Management FT & PT, Sports, Culture & Event Management FT & PT, Business Management FT, Web Business & Technology FT, and Industrial Engineering & Management FT. Part-time bachelor degree programs offer courses in English; full-time bachelor degree programs offer in addition to English courses in Chinese, Italian, French, Russian, and Spanish.

Question: How do I select my foreign language?
Answer: As soon as the results of the English Placement Test have been confirmed, you will receive a selection form to establish the priorities for your language choices. The Language Center will try to assign you courses in accordance with your priorities you indicate.

Question: What should I keep in mind when considering my language choices?
Answer: In the design of your individual language education as part of the full-time bachelor programs you should consider the following factors:
• The result of your English Placement Test
   - If your result is below the B2 level, we highly recommend that you prioritize English in your language choices because a B2 level is considered prerequisite for successful completion of the courses in your degree program that are held in English.
   - If your result is at or above the B2 level, we recommend to guide your language choices in accordance with your goals regarding the destination of your required semester or year abroad.
• The prerequisites and goals of the different languages and levels
• Your future needs in your professional career

Question: What are the prerequisites and goals of the different languages and levels?
Answer: The following table lists the different language courses and corresponding GER levels offered as part of the full-time bachelor degree programs:

** The English Preparatory Course is an extra-curricular opportunity provided through the Qualification Center. The English Preparatory Course entails at least 12 hours of intensive English language training, takes place prior to the first semester and is associated with additional costs.

Question: How to I obtain the confirmation of language skills required for study abroad?
Answer: The Language Center issues a statement which confirms the level of your language courses. Generally, this confirmation suffices. However, some international universities, such as in Australia and New Zealand among others, require a TOEFL Certificate, which can be obtained through the Qualification Center at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein and involves completing the corresponding exam and paying the associated fees.

Question: How do I get credits for language skills already acquired at a different higher education institution or in a different study program?
Answer: Each request is considered and decided on individually. Please contact the assistant in charge of your degree program. Generally, language skills must be established with corresponding transcripts or certificates. Skills can only be accredited in languages offered at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein.

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