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Strategic Marketing & Marketing Planning

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The course Strategic Marketing and Marketing Planning concentrates on preparing students for the advanced modules of their studies. The students are familiar with the entire range of marketing instruments and how they can be used in marketing practice. They understand which marketing theories underlie the marketing process and strategic instruments.
The students understand strategic marketing considerations and have a basic understanding of entrepreneurial thinking.

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The lecture on the fundamentals of marketing concentrates on preparing students for the advanced modules in their studies: Students acquire in-depth knowledge of the entire range of strategic operative marketing instruments and know about their possible applications in marketing practice. In addition, on the one hand marketing theories are taught (technical authority), and, on the other hand by the inclusion of strategic marketing over the conceptional-strategic aspect a fundamental understanding for business thinking is also created.

recommended or required reading

•Kotler, P., Amstrong, G., Harris, L.C., and Piercy, N., J. (2019). Grundlagen des Marketing. 7. Auflage, Essex: Pearson Studium.
•Homburg, Ch. (2017). Marketing Management. Strategie – Instrumente - Umsetzung - Unternehmensführung, 6. Auflage, Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler.
•Wirtz, J., and Lovelock, Ch. (2016). Services Marketing: People, Technology, Strategy, 8th edition, Singapur: World Scientific Publication.
•Kotler, P., Keller, K.L., and Opresnik, M.O. (2017). Marketing-Management, Hallbergmoos: Pearson Deutschland GMBH.

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