Internship Abroad
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Internship Abroad

In the course of professional practical training and internships abroad students apply their gained knowledge in practice and intensify the intercultural exchange. In this context, not only does professional expertise play an important role, but also the experience that will shape each student’s personal character.

Internship Abroad

The Internship Abroad is a compulsory component of the Bachelor’s degree programs offered at Kufstein University of Applied Sciences. It gives students the opportunity to test the knowledge gained and to put it into practice.

The professional practical training program must be taken in the 6th semester (the 5th semester in the case of International Business Studies) and must continue for at least 10 weeks without a break.

In this context, Kufstein University of Applied Sciences has access to a pool of companies which offer traineeship. This is seen as additional support for students; however, each student is free to find their own practical training appointment.

As far as the Bachelor’s dissertation is concerned, any connection between practical training and the content of the dissertation shall be considered a positive direction. The main advantage of this connection is the deeper focus on a respective task. The longer-term period as well as the experience in a specific field can be seen as potential for success.

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Covid-19 Information

All updates, current rules of conduct, opening times and other important measures with regards to Corona for the 2020/21 winter semester at the FH Kufstein Tirol can be found here.

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Großprojekt an der FH Kufstein Tirol umgesetzt

Die gesetzliche Meldung von Studierendendaten an den Bund wurde von der FH Kufstein Tirol an ein – für den FH-Sektor – komplett neues, zentrales System angebunden. Als erste FH Österreichs konnte die Kufsteiner FH das Großprojekt umsetzen.

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Digitale Übergabe des 21. Matura Awards

Der Matura-/Abitur-Award wurde auch diesjährig virtuell an die Gewinnerklasse überreicht. Die SchülerInnen des Gymnasium Gars am Inn freuten sich über die Gewinnsumme von 3.000€.

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