Digital Marketing* PT
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Digital Marketing* PT

Master's degree program

* subject to accreditation by the FH Faculty Council

Profile of the program

This degree program is taught primarily in German.

The Master's program in “Digital Marketing”, studied part-time in parallel with employment, concentrates on building competence at the interface of marketing, creativity & web combined with social competences and the acquisition of leadership qualities.


  • Individual choice of specializations
  • Practice-based projects in the field of marketing, online media and integrated communication
  • Social skills & leadership training
  • Top lecturers from business and research
  • Best career prospects thanks to the combination of marketing, management & technology

Vocational fields

  • Marketing & communications manager
  • Digital brand & content manager
  • Social media manager
  • Customer experience manager
  • Media and communication consultant
  • SEO/SEA manager
  • Omnichannel manager

Emphasis of studies

  • 37% Marketing & Web technology
  • 20% Management competences & reflection skills
  • 26% Independence & problem-solving skills
  • 17 % Individual specialization

Digital media professionals

New media are bringing wide-ranging changes to societies and markets. Media-based communication pervades everyday life. Companies as well as consumers respond to the new communicative environment created by blogs and social networks like Facebook and Twitter, combined with conventional media channels. In this knowledge society, under the rising influence of digital communications, graduates in Digital Marketing form the increasingly important interface between companies and individual members of the public: professional use of media is indispensable to business success.

Core competences in marketing, communication & web technology

The Master’s degree program is addressed to people in employment with a marketing interest and an affinity for technology. Focal points are the training in business administration with a focus on marketing management and a firm grounding in media know-how, communication and technical specializations for digital media. Based on their broad yet deep knowledge in these three core areas – in combination with social competence relevant to leadership and project management skills in media design acquired in a practical way – graduates are ideally prepared for leading positions. Thanks to the unique overlap of content with the technical Master’s program in “Web Communication & Information Systems”, students of both programs gain an understanding of the work processes of their future clientele, which is what potential employers require.



4 semesters

Qualification rewarded

Master of Arts in Business (MA)

Language of instruction

79 % German, 21 % English

Semester abroad

Supervised one-week study trip in the 3rd semester


Euro 363.36* (excl. Student Union-fees) each semester

Organisational form


Places per year


* Information for third country students

Admission requirements:

Level of qualification:
second cycle, master