ERP Systems & Business Process Management* PT
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ERP Systems & Business Process Management* PT

Master's degree program

* subject to accreditation by the FH Faculty Council

Profile of the program

This degree program is taught primarily in German.

The ERP Systems & Business Process Management Master’s Degree program provides a sound education in the process-oriented conception of IT systems for businesses. Students are given sound management training with an international orientation, geared towards the analysis, design and implementation of IT-supported business processes.


  • Top career prospects, high demand from companies
  • Integration of process / quality management and ERP systems
  • Insight into the latest trends by attending expert conferences
  • Transfer of knowledge into practice by working on projects for industry clients
  • Possibility of higher-level professional certificates

Vocational fields

  • IT Management, Senior IT Consulting,
  • Information Manager in Companies,
  • Project Manager especially for IT Projects,
  • Takeover of Management Agendas,
  • Customizing of ERP Systems,
  • Module Responsibility for ERP Projects,
  • Independent IT Consultant, Research & Development


  • 31 % Practical Training and Empiricism
  • 24 % Management & Business Processes
  • 23 % Information Systems
  • 18 % Leadership & Social Skills
  • 4 % Stay Abroad

Complex Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) are becoming more and more important, even in small and medium sized enterprises. The choice, introduction and adaptation of these systems in business are the focus of this field of study. Course contents furthermore include the definition of applicable IT strategies, the development of business plans and the strategic analysis of software systems. Specialist knowledge on the topics of Data Warehousing, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management and Financial Reporting are all part of the degree program.

A further feature of the course involves practical projects, which are carried out with clients from the industry. This essentially tests the students’ knowledge of planning, organization, design and improvement of operational processes. Thus, graduates can go on to develop their own approaches to finding solutions for a range of problems.

Leadership and Social Skills

Selected specialized lectures in English and a study trip abroad foster technical, social and intercultural skills. Social skills are also an integral part of the program with advanced presentation and moderation techniques, as well as conflict management skills in the foreground. Graduates are able to assume responsible line management in an organization as well as business processes.



4 semesters

Qualification rewarded

Master of Arts in Business (MA)

Language of instruction

75 % German, 25 % English

Semester abroad

Supervised week abroad, 2nd semester


Euro 363.36* (excl. Student Union-fees) each semester

Organisational form


Places per year


* Information for third country students

Admission requirements:

Level of qualification:
second cycle, master