Energy & Sustainability Management* PT
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Energy & Sustainability Management* PT

Master's degree program

* Subject to accreditation by AQ Austria

Profile of the program

This degree program is taught primarily in German.

The part-time master’s degree program European Energy Business has been conceived for practitioners involved in the energy business, in energy purchasing for industrial customers, in the energy supply industry, in energy service providers and in energy-related government agencies, who are interested in pursuing further education and a higher qualification while continuing to work. The program affords students a fruitful learning environment in which they can exchange ideas and experiences with a heterogeneous group of classmates and lecturers, all with varying backgrounds in the energy business. What’s more, the program consists of both intensive on-site and practical e-learning phases. The on-site blocks give students the opportunity to deepen and consolidate their understanding of the concepts through intensive group work and discussions. The e-learning phases allow students to study when it is most convenient for them.


  • Analysis and evaluation of technologies, markets, and structures in the energy business
  • Basics, methods, and examples of management
  • Use of scientific and operating methods for the development of projects and business models
  • Blocked classroom sessions and distance learning elements for easier reconciliation of working and studying

Vocational fields

  • Energy consultancies and freelance consulting
  • Corporations in the energy sector
  • Energy Trade
  • Balancing Group Management
  • National and international regulatory authorities
  • National and international institutes and institutions

Program focuses

  • 37% energy business
  • 25% business administration & law
  • 20% complementary competencies & knowledge application
  • 18% management & leadership

Energy Business - Status & Trends

Both the energy business and its customers are affected by continuous changes caused by new political objectives, their implementation into governing law, and their consequences for markets. Therefore, experts and managers must be able to recognize trends early on, interpret them in the context of their company, and make the right decisions based on them. To be able to face new challenges, it is becoming increasingly important to be equipped with a broad foundation of knowledge and scientific methods going far beyond what can be learned through subject-specific training.

Managers in the Energy Business

The Master's program European Energy Business consists of both traditional learning-intensive in-class phases and distance learning. It covers a broad spectrum of topics from the fields of technology, economics, ecology, and law. The program is well rounded with analysis and discussion of management issues, such as business management, strategy, human resources, and negotiations. The close contact between students and guest lecturers from a wide range of energy business fields allows for the creation of an extensive professional network. A scientifically challenging Master's thesis is the final step of the program, with which the students prove their abilities, their knowledge, and their vision.



4 semesters

Qualification rewarded

Master of Arts in Business (MA)

Language of instruction

76 % German, 24 % English

Semester abroad

Study trip in the 4th semester


Euro 363.36* (excl. Student Union-fees) each semester

Organisational form


Places per year


* Information for third country students

Admission requirements:

Level of qualification:
second cycle, master