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Smart Products & Solutions* PT

Master's degree program

* subject to accreditation by the FH Faculty Council

Profile of the program

This degree program is taught primarily in German.

The Master's degree program, Smart Products & Solutions, offers the answer to the digitization and networking challenge businesses have ahead of them. Product boundaries are redrawn which revolutionizes offers, added value chains and business models. In short, companies are forced to question and change existing ways of doing things.


  • Integrative exploration of smart products and solutions from the perspective of product creation, data generation and transformation within companies
  • Top career opportunities; high demand from companies
  • Practical-knowledge transfer through projects with industry clients and a high number of hands-on project hours 
  • Unique study trip

Vocational fields

  • Project manager (especially in product development) and developer
  • Manager in the field of digital transformation
  • Innovation and technology manager
  • Employees of corporate consulting firms
  • Freelancer and company founder


In order to holistically answer questions arising in this dynamic and complex field, integrative knowledge sourced from both engineering and economics is required. However, currently, many companies have competency gaps in this area. The three topic areas of product creation, value generation from data and digital transformation of businesses are the focus of this degree program. This focus ensures a consistent view of value chains: customer requirements, realization of customer demands on both an engineering and economic level and the therefore required changes within a company. Only this interdisciplinary approach allows the development of holistic and targeted solutions from a comprehensive perspective instead of a one-sided perspective.

At the core of all of this is data, the gold of the 21st century. Data is generated from a product and the use of a product, and builds the foundation on which new insights and consequently new offers, functions and business models are built.

Practically relevant and International

The degree program is characterized by its high level of practical relevance achieved through numerous practical exercises, lecturers with field-experience, a practical project and the Master's thesis. With 28% of the degree-specific courses taught in English and a compulsory study trip abroad to a partner university including visits of international firms, students prepare for an international career.



4 semesters

Qualification rewarded

Master of Science in Engineering (MSc)

Language of instruction

77 % German, 23 % English

Semester abroad

Supervised one-week study trip abroad in the 2nd semester


Euro 363.36* (excl. Student Union-fees) each semester

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Places per year


* Information for third country students

Admission requirements:

Level of qualification:
second cycle, master