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Tandem Study Program & Job



Study program and permanent job in tandem: The part-time study program Web Engineering & IT Solutions (WES) cooperates with the well-known, international company Swarovski.

Each academic year a place in the program is associated with a workplace, and the prerequisite is successful enrollment in a study program and a job offer from a company.

“This tandem program consisting of appropriate professional activity in an internationally renowned company in Tirol and of an established, application-oriented master study program in the environment of web-based systems in our view offers an ideal prerequisite to directly apply and reflect on knowledge that has been gained and allows inspiration from the professional environment to be integrated into the study program. This provides a customized learning experience giving our alumni attractive new career perspectives.”

Prof. (FH) Dr. Michael Kohlegger
Director of Studies of Web Engineering & IT Solutions


Are you interested in qualified continuing education that would give you new opportunities in technical management?


The most important facts about the WCIS study program:

  • Application-oriented master study program
  • Degree: Master of Science in Engineering (M.Sc.)
  • Focus of the study program content: the areas of web-based and mobile/smart systems as well as development processes and methods
  • Term: 2 years, organized on a part-time basis (Friday/Saturday) with integrated online components for flexible learning components


Are you curious, have ideas, and would like to put theoretical knowledge that you have learned into practice right away? 
Do you assume responsibility and are committed to brilliance?

Job at Swarovski

Your job at Swarovski:

  • You will work on the web technology services team in Corporate IT and will actively help the team work on developing and implementing global projects.
  • You will gain experience in an international organization with challenges that are truly global.

You will also have the opportunity to have your mentor on the Swarovski team help you with your master thesis and with designing the rest of your career.



Are you interested?

Contact the director of studies for more information.


Interview about a tandem study program and job

Max Höper is studying Web Communication & Information Systems and started the tandem study program & job at Swarovski in 2019. He reports about his personal experience and tells what goes on behind the scenes.