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15.06.2016 | Research
Asc. Prof. (FH) Dr. Peter Affenzeller , Director of Studies of the Industrial Engineering and Management program of the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences and Industry 4.0 expert, took part in the panel discussion hosted by the Young Indus

The panel discussion was part of the fourth Young Industry Tyrol – Insight event with the title “Man or Machine! Who is the boss?”. Lead by David Lindner, Dean of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Innsbruck, Prof. Justus Piater, PhD, and Asc. Prof. (FH) Peter Affenzeller, PhD, discussed the latest developments in their fields. In particular, they looked at the topic of Industry 4.0 from the viewpoint of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), analyzed the existing pitch, and showed development paths for the future.

Industrie 4.0: The smart factory

In the context of the discussion, the topic of Industry 4.0 was examined: Industry 4.0 describes the change in production driven by digitization and networking in combination with technologies, such as additive manufacturing, allowing for multi-layered changes. Examples for such changes can be found in product planning and controlling, worker support, the run of production lines, and the individualization of products.

Lingering fears linked to this development are that Industry 4.0 could displace people in production. Affenzeller, however, assured the audience that deserted factories will not be part of our future. Nonetheless, the Director of Studies and Industry 4.0 expert highlighted the importance of all companies to understand the relevance and actively engage in digitization and networking to develop an Industry 4.0 plan of action based on individual needs and touchdown points[BK1] .

It is unclear what is meant by 'touchdown points' in this context. Consider rephrasing or deleting.

Kufstein University of Applied Sciences Expertise

Since 2014, Asc. Prof. (FH) Dr. Peter Affenzeller has been the Director of Studies for the Industrial Engineering and Management Bachelor's program of the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences. Industry 4.0 is a leading topic in the degree program specialization of production. Many practical courses and a dedicated research laboratory with a Festo learning factory at its core are used to train a new generation of business engineers in Kufstein on the pulse of time. Since April 2016, the Kufstein University of Applied Science is also a member of the Association Industry 4.0 Austria – the platform for intelligent production. With the help of applied research clusters and degree programs, the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences actively supports companies – mainly small and medium-sized ones – in the preparation and implementation of Industry 4.0 topics. Numerous projects by and with companies enrich the degree program with practical elements and bring individual added value for the economy.