Interski Candidate City Procedure

09.08.2016 | Practical projects
The aim of the business project (Sports, Culture & Events Management, 2016) “Interski” was to further develop and improve the bidding process for hosting the Interski congress, which takes place every four years.

Interski International itself is an international organization for snowsport instruction with member countries from all over the world. The existing documents used until now were not sufficiently detailed and therefore the last congress did not fulfill the requirements of the umbrella organization. Hence, the project team developed three documents, which will be used for the first time for the bidding process in 2019: The “Bid Book Guidelines”, which explain the bidding process and the requirements to apply for organizing the Interski congress.
The “Official Guidelines on organizing Interski Congresses” states the steps necessary in order to successfully host the congress and the “Interski World Congress Contract”, which will be signed by both parties, Interski International and the hosting nation for the Congress.