Im Rahmen des dritten Semesters werden die spannenden Tätigkeitsbereiche eines Data Scientists von Studierenden beleuchtet.
As part of their third semester, students take a look at the fascinating professional life of a data scientist.

Fascinating Insights into the World of Data Science

22.04.2021 | General
In the virtual final conference ‘Data Science 4 the Natural Sciences’, students from the Data Science & Intelligent Analytics degree program had a chance to present their exciting research results.

The students’ presentations gave an insight into the professional field of activity of a data scientist. The conference always takes place in the third semester of the part-time master’s program Data Science & Intelligent Analytics. In this way, students investigate and create an accessible portrait of complex issues. This year, research results were presented at a virtual conference and awarded with the DSIA Award.


The presentations were inspiring and covered a wide range of topics: From detecting skin cancer using neural networks or detecting relevant variables in Alzheimer’s disease, to the simulation of wind tunnels through fluid dynamics or leaf disease detection in agriculture, to topics in biology such as the investigation of protein structures. Furthermore, the potential of asteroid impacts on the Earth’s surface was investigated. The videos from the conference are intended to give insights into the issues covered in the third semester of the program.