Zum fünften Mal erstrahlt TEDxFHKufstein wieder mit neuen spannenden Themen und Speakern.
Bild eines Holzstegs der über einen schäumenden Bach verläuft mit Schriftzug der Veranstaltung

TEDxFHKufstein takes digital chances

02.06.2021 | Practical projects
After the situational break in 2020, TEDxFHKufstein will take place for the fifth time this year, presenting innovative ideas and impressions from a wide range of fields in a digital format.

For the first time, TEDxFHKufstein will take place on three consecutive days as a livestream on YouTube. From June 18 to 20, three speakers each evening will give inspiring talks on a wide variety of topics. TEDx stands for spreading ideas that are worth sharing. This year's theme, "Taking <digital> Chances," is designed to show the audience in a slightly different way what people can achieve when they take a chance. This always involves a change for the person, but can also mean a change for an organization or society as a whole.

New opportunities in a variety of areas

These changes will be presented through talks by people from all sectors of society, as well as from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, in order to spread revolutionary ideas and stimulate discourse. This year's speakers consist of filmmaker Daniel Rintz, physicist Gemma de las Cuevas and entrepreneur Gerhard Dust, among others. More information on all speakers will be posted on the official website.

A moderator will guide the audience through the three evenings, combining new perspectives and unique life journeys into a coherent event. Presentations will be given primarily in English.

An online event reimagined

Since there is no direct face-to-face conversation possible this year, the talks will be followed by a virtual get-together. At this, the audience has the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers of the respective day in order to arrange a personal exchange.

TEDxFHKufstein is organized by students of the master´s degree programs Web Communication & Information Systems (WCIS) and Data Science & Intelligent Analytics (DSIA), as well as their director of studies Prof. (FH) Dipl.-Inf. Karsten Böhm. Participation in the event is possible after a free registration.