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Karoline Schuster

Student Business Management, study year 2012

  • Why did you choose the full-time Business Management Bachelor´s program? What makes this program special for you?

After my business administration training, I decided get an economics diploma and then start a business university degree program. Back then, I already had the Business Management program at the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences in mind. I knew about it because I am from near Rosenheim and my two sisters studied International Business Studies, one full-time and the other part-time. For me, however, it was clear that I wanted to study Business Management. The decisive factor for this decision was the broad spectrum of interesting subjects and the very good program structure. An interesting focus is strategy, which is the common thread of nearly all lectures. I also really like the curriculum of the program because it is composed of four semesters in Kufstein, one semester abroad and one practical semester. What makes the program special for me is that on the one hand, it teaches you a solid but wide range of economic knowledge, and on the other hand, it teaches you a multitude of social skills. Examples for the latter are teamwork, self-organization and presentation, all of which is very much emphasized in the degree program.

  • Have you ever taken part in an study project before? What was it about? How did you contribute?

Over the course of the three-year program, there were many highlights. Two, however, stand out above all others.

The first highlight for me were the many different projects. Often, they were a real challenge. However, the hard work, the invested time and the required diligence always paid off. It feels good to know that you can manage and achieve a good result even when facing difficult tasks and while under a lot of pressure.

My second highlight was the semester abroad. I was able to spend it in Ireland, in Dublin, to be precise. I think these five months have marked me for life. It felt so good to be in a completely different environment, to get to know a different culture and to meet many new people.

  • What career plans do you have?

I am currently in my sixth semester, so I will finish the program soon. I am striving for a position in middle management, preferably in the finance sector. Still, I think it is not good to focus on one specific career path too much. It is better to just have an idea of the direction that you want to go in to stay flexible. Who knows where you might end up and what opportunities your life has in store for you?

Finally, I would like to add that I am very happy with my decision to study Business Management. During the course of the program, I learned a lot—not only about economic theory, concepts and social skills, but mainly about myself. I really would not want to have missed this time here.