International, praxisnah und persönlich: Die FH Kufstein Tirol blickt auf eine 25-jährige Erfolgsgeschichte zurück.
International, practical and personal: FH Kufstein Tirol looks back on a success story that already goes back 25 years.

FH Kufstein Tirol makes history, its success now spanning a quarter of a century

15.07.2022 | General
International, practical and personal: The University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol commemorates its 25-year existence with a festive celebration. Guests from the city and the countryside celebrated at the Festungsneuhof courtyard in Kufstein together with employees and partners.

For its 25-year anniversary, the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol invited guests to a viewing of the play “Jedermann” (Everyman) at the foot of Kufstein Fortress. As representatives of University management, Managing Director Prof. (UAS) Dr. Thomas Madritsch and Deputy Academic Director Prof. (UAS) Dr. Michael Kohlegger raised their glasses in celebration of the institution’s history of success. “We are happy that we are able to celebrate our 25-year history together with you and take a look back at our achievements. We are sincerely grateful to all those who contributed to our success,” said the management team. The play “Jedermann – das Spiel vom Sterben einer reichen Frau” (Everyman – The Play of a Rich Woman's Death) began soon after.

FH Kufstein Tirol: International. Practical. Personal.

For 25 years, the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein has stood for innovative degree programs in economic science & technology/business management and has already received multiple awards for its high quality of education. After multiple prior expansions, the modern campus of the University is located centrally in the heart of Kufstein with excellent infrastructure and countless opportunities for recreational activities in the surrounding area in one of the most beautiful regions of the Alps. Since 1997, the international University of Applied Sciences has increased its educational offer to 24 degree programs; the institution currently has a student body of 2,200 students and 8,000 graduates who are pursuing impressive careers in their fields. Thirteen degree programs, specifically geared toward working students offer a balance between career, family life and (continuing) education. The University of Applied Sciences has also expanded a total of four modern building sections that now provide sufficient space for teaching and research as well as for the International School Kufstein Tirol (ISK).

The success story of FH Kufstein Tirol is based on its three foundational approaches: international, practical and personal.

“It is important that our students feel personally accepted and that their education is highly practical. Moreover, the focus is on internationalism, which is, first and foremost, reflected in the University’s more than 210 current partner universities and its mandatory semester abroad. We owe our previous success to our employees, teaching staff, students and partners – many thanks for your commitment. We look forward to continuing this development in the future,” said Prof. (UAS) Dr. Thomas Madritsch, managing director at FH Kufstein Tirol.

Academic Director Prof. (FH) Dr. Mario Döller was also grateful for the part that relatives of those involved with the University played over the course of a quarter of a century. “In teaching and research, we were able to enhance our strengths and, in addition to our focal point “people & digitization”, also take up the important topic of sustainability. We see ourselves as a pioneer in this regard and are working on exciting and future-oriented research projects together with our partners. Our students also deal with the topics of digitization and sustainability within the context of practical projects.”

What now? Visions for the future

The declared goal of the University management is to further increase service quality for students and employees. “Only those who feel accepted and welcome will dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to FH Kufstein Tirol over the long-term and contribute to the institution’s further development,” leadership agrees. “By further expanding our laboratories and infrastructure, we want to make it possible for our students to already deal with future technologies today during their studies,” as management summarized it.

By focusing our content on research in the subject area of  “people & digitization”, the University wants to contribute to developing the regional location and living space of Tirol. Thus, the newly founded Josef Ressel Center, the Drone Competence Center but also the R&D topics hydrogen technology, alternative energies & mobility, sustainability and affordable housing can contribute to innovation and competitiveness.

New Josef Ressel Research Center at FH Kufstein Tirol

The Josef Ressel Center of the Christian Doppler Research Association promotes long-term R&D cooperation at research-active universities of applied sciences with regional industry partners. Under the management of highly qualified scientists, research groups work in close contact with company partners to provide innovative answers to entrepreneurial research questions.

At FH Kufstein Tirol, the newly founded Josef Ressel Center for Research and Analysis of Multimedia Data is dedicated to solving traffic problems. An inauguration is planned for the near future. 


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