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In the EFIM Lab, students are able to apply their theoretically acquired knowledge in practice and thus deepen it. Particularly in the field of construction and building services engineering, linking theory to practice is of key importance for later professional life. For this reason, the Institute for Energy, Facility, and Real Estate Management is in the process of establishing a laboratory for building technology and ventilation systems.


Ventilation system

Using a mobile model of a residential ventilation system, students can expand their knowledge in the area of building technology as well as system control and optimization. Here, the relationship between pressure loss and energy demand in ventilation systems is measured and illustrated. The system consists of a ventilator unit with heat recovery, a pipe system with cross-talk sound attenuators, pocket filters as well as iris diaphragms and disc valves for air volume control. This model can be used to demonstrate the principle operations of a residential ventilation system.



Smart Meters

For research, simulations, and teaching in the field of energy use, a power distribution box with various smart meters is available via which current consumption data can be read out. In practical application, the analysis of consumption data provides an important basis for more efficient use of resources in the building and energy sector.



Building materials collection

Another element of the laboratory is its extensive collection of building materials. It is designed to allow students to expand and visualize their knowledge of building materials, particularly their mechanical, environmental, and tactile properties. The collection contains, amongst others, insulation materials and different types of glass, wood, floor coverings, and masonry.  New products are added regularly. Demonstration objects from the fields of regenerative energy generation, building services components, as well as building management systems (BMS) complete the collection.



Measuring equipment

Appropriate measuring equipment is available to the students for scientific analyses or applied building and plant optimization. Furthermore, the original measuring instruments of the research project “Erler Wind” (a wind phenomenon in the Inn Valley region) are available so that students can carry out wind measurement procedures in practice.





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