Diversity Management, Inclusion & Family Friendliness

Family-Friendly University of Applied Sciences

A major topic in our modern society is making it easier to reconcile family and work. For students with family-related duties, it is always particularly challenging to cope with studying and sometimes also having a job.

To ease employees’ and students’ daily lives and careers, the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences is dedicated to the question of what makes a family-friendly university. Since 2011, the university has been intensely working on this topic and in 2012, it was awarded the certificate hochschuleundfamilie for the first time. Ever since, it has been undergoing regular audits.

Reconciling studying, working and having a family are firmly anchored in the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences’ mission statement.

Being family friendly, to the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences, means being flexible, recognizing needs and being willing to think about alternative solutions. Child care does not always go with strict working hours, which is why new work models, such as home office work are needed to allow parents to be as flexible as necessary. Parents who are studying often also have a job that they need to bring under one roof. In their case, family friendliness means making exceptions regarding the compulsory attendance at lessons or the scheduling of exams.

Statement of the University Board

A family requires love and attention. People find personal happiness and satisfaction within their own family and it is the place where values and knowledge are passed on to the next generation. However, our life in society is getting increasingly demanding. This is why the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences wants to be a place where people can find a good balance between the chores of working and studying on the one hand and family obligations on the other.

Key measures regarding family friendliness

The Student Guidelines and the General Examination Regulations were amended: attested illness of a child or other relatives requiring care is an accepted excuse for being absent from classes. In addition, stays abroad can be handled more flexibly to allow for better reconciliation with responsibilities of providing care for family members.

As an employer, the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences uses a standardized system for managing time off, works on integrating members of staff who are on leave and is currently establishing a workplace management system.

Objectives of the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences

  • Integration of family friendliness into our university culture
  • Introduction of a parent–child workspace
  • Setting up children’s play areas at large events
  • Evaluation of childcare facilities on our campus in Kufstein
  • More flexible Student Guidelines and General Examination Regulations
  • Standardized system for managing time off and integration measures for employees on leave
  • Long-lasting integration measures and building of awareness through internal communication
  • Long-term action–raising awareness about the importance of a healthy diet
  • family-friendly adaptation of infrastructure through entrances that are accessible with prams and the provision of changing tables
  • Optimization of infrastructure based on workplace management

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