Post Graduate

Change Management

level of course unit

1st Master cycle

Learning outcomes of course unit

The participants:
• know the essential strategic and operational measures for the analysis and implementation of entrepreneurial change processes
• know the phases of the change process according to different models
• are able to critically reflect entrepreneurial business processes, evaluate change measures, and implement and control change processes
• know how to deal with various resistances and emotions in change processes
• are able to initiate, implement, complete and evaluate transformation processes
• develop the ability to analyze conflicts and use them constructively
• know the essential negotiation models and techniques and are able to apply them successfully in specific situations
• know the essential cognitive and emotional influencing factors in processes of negotiation management

prerequisites and co-requisites


course contents

• Strategy development and implementation in the context of change projects
• Concepts, instruments and process models of change management and communication in the change process
• Human behavior in change and leadership tasks in change
• Success factors in change management (opportunity management)
• Initiation, design and implementation of change processes
• Basics of conflict management: Conflict resolution models and the model process of a conflict discussion
• Neutrality and leadership responsibility in a relationship of tension
• Mediation process and process leadership skills
• Transformational leadership

recommended or required reading

• Lauer, T. (2019): Change Management: Grundlagen und Erfolgsfaktoren
• Klinkhammer, M./ Hütter, F./ Stoess, D./ Wüst. L. (2018): Change happens: Veränderungen gehirngerecht gestalten
• Hackl, B. (2017): New Work: Auf dem Weg zur neuen Arbeitswelt: Management-Impulse, Praxisbeispiele, Studien
• Solzenberg, K./ Heberle, K. (2021): Change Management: Veränderungsprozesse erfolgreich gestalten - Mitarbeiter mobilisieren. Vision, Kommunikation, Beteiligung, Qualifizierung
• Cameron, E./ Green, M. (2019): Making Sense of Change Management: A Complete Guide to the Models, Tools and Techniques of Organizational Change

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