Post Graduate

Academic Methods II: Coaching & Mentoring

level of course unit

1. Master cycle

Learning outcomes of course unit

The participants:
• are able to independently develop and elaborate a course-specific topic and to check and apply it using scientific methods
• are able to identify a suitable topic for their Master Thesis and to narrow it down to a workable level
• are able to define a suitable objective, research question and method
• know the components of an exposé and know how to implement them
• are able to prepare and present their ideas in a comprehensible way
• are able to critically discuss, reflect and thus further develop their ideas and those of their fellow students against the background of the academic "state of the art"

prerequisites and co-requisites

Academic methods I

course contents

In this course, a group of students is assigned a mentor who accompanies and supports the students through the process of finding ideas for a Master Thesis topic to the implementation of an exposé. Individual mentoring, but also exchange within the group is activated, guided and encouraged. This should trigger a first process of finding ideas for topics of the Master Thesis and initiate a description of the project in the form of an exposé.

• Techniques of topic identification, development, delimitation and preparation (pre-exposé)
• Presentation and discussion of best practice exposés and theses
• Individual coaching and mentoring on possible questions regarding the Master Thesis
• Intensive exchange and promotion of creativity
• Academic reviews: Digital library and research tools
• Exposé creation

recommended or required reading

Matthiesen, V. (2020): ZEITMANAGEMENT - Die Kunst der perfekten Organisation: Wie Sie mit Hilfe von effizientem Selbstmanagement Ihre Produktivität und Motivation ganz einfach steigern und all Ihre Ziele erreichen
Franck, N. (2019): Handbuch Wissenschaftliches Schreiben: Eine Anleitung von A bis Z
Manschwetus, U. (2016): Ratgeber wissenschaftliches Arbeiten: Leicht verständliche Anleitung für das Schreiben wissenschaftlicher Texte im Studium

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