Post Graduate

Integrative case study in leadership management

level of course unit

1. Master cycle

Learning outcomes of course unit

The participants apply their theoretical and practical knowledge from the first two semesters to independently work on a practice-oriented project from their chosen specialization.

The participations are able to:
• independently identify problems and tasks from a given objective
• independently collect and analyze data
• independently take on project management
• independently develop solutions and present results
• independently develop specialist knowledge to solve specific problems and apply specialist knowledge to the situation

The participants know about the importance of:
- Project communication
- self-organization
- time management
- organizational skills
- stress management and resilience and can put this into practice

prerequisites and co-requisites

Module from the 1st & 2nd Semester

course contents

Participants must carry out a project of 5 ECTS = 125 h independently in small groups. The basis for this is a set objective. In order to also build on the social skills of the students, the projects are carried out in student teams under independent leadership and team building, planning, monitoring, communication, coordination, budgeting, etc.). The role of the course leader is focused on coaching the students.

Depending on the practical project or integrative case study, skills such as the analysis of a business case, economically responsible decision-making competence, risk management, intercultural action competence, organizational and social competence, budget competence and project management are forced and taught. The abovementioned learning and teaching objectives are ensured by an actual implementation of the solution approach.

Exemplary presentation of the course content to be taught:
- Joint kick-off course
- Project client briefing
- Project development and management
- Interim presentations and final presentation
- Coaching
- Implementation or completion
- Support during implementation
- Follow-up reporting and documentation
- Project presentation

- Durchführung bzw. Fertigstellung
- Begleitung bei der Realisierung
- Nachberichterstattung und Dokumentation
- Projektpräsentation

recommended or required reading

Patzak, G./ Rattay, G. (2017) Projektmanagement: Projekte, Projektportfolios, Programme und projektorientierte Unternehmen.
Schöneck, N. M./Voß, W. (2013) Das Forschungsprojekt: Planung, Durchführung und Auswertung einer quantitativen Studie.
Preußig, J. (2018) Agiles Projektmanagement: Agilität und Scrumim klassischen Projektumfeld.
Ahlemann, F. (2013): Strategisches Projektmanagement: Praxisleitfaden, Fallstudien und Trends

assessment methods and criteria

Projekt work

language of instruction


number of ECTS credits allocated


course-hours-per-week (chw)


planned learning activities and teaching methods

ILV (Blended Learning, Inverted Classroom) und Projekt

semester/trimester when the course unit is delivered


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course unit code


type of course unit


mode of delivery


work placement(s)