Post Graduate

Psychology for managers

level of course unit

1. Master cycle

Learning outcomes of course unit

he participants:
• know basic theories, terms and methods of personality psychology • know different areas of personality (e.g. temperament, intelligence, motives, self-concept)
• know the significance of gender differences and cultural differences in different personality traits
• can recognize personality traits in themselves and others
• can transfer different psychological aspects to their own working environment
• can develop concrete individual approaches for differentiated dealings with different employees/personalities/interlocutors/colleagues

prerequisites and co-requisites


course contents

• Overview of the most important basic terms and issues, paradigms, theories and methods of personality psychology
• Classification of personality (Big Five and personality types)
• Development of individual differences
• Appreciation and dealing with different personalities
• Basics of leadership psychology
• Individual employee management and "type-appropriate" communication

recommended or required reading

Asendorpf, J. B., & Neyer, F. J. (2012). Psychologie der Persönlichkeit
Stemmler, G., Hagemann, D., Amelang, M. & Bartussek, D. (2010). Differentielle Psychologie und Persönlichkeitsforschung
Rammsayer, T. & Weber, H. (2016). Differentielle Psychologie – Persönlichkeitstheorien
Kutzschenbach, C. (2013). Souverän führen: Zielorientiert motivieren, effektiv managen, strategisch planen.
Revers, A. (2018). Wie Menschen ticken: Psychologie für Manager: Interessantes, Spannendes und Skurriles für Führungskräfte.

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planned learning activities and teaching methods

ILV (Blended Learning, Inverted Classroom)

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